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  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, arrangements, reservations and agreements regarding the cabins, which are rented or leased by IL NIDO NERO SRL, subsidiary company of LINCK INVEST BV with VAT BE0811701047 (hereafter: company name 'Il Nido Nero').
  2. In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are understood to have the following meanings:
    1. - lessor: Il Nido Nero
    2. - Lessee: the person who enters into an agreement with Il Nido Nero for the rental/use/lease of a shelter.
    3. - guests: the tenant and the persons specified by the tenant who will use the shelter rented by the tenant
    4. - visitors: persons who, with the consent of the lessee, come to visit in the holiday home, but do not stay overnight
  3. The booking data and comments in the guestbook of the client will be used for the execution of the agreement, but can also be used for marketing purposes from Il Nido Nero.
  4. Agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed upon in writing with the lessor.
  5. Il Nido Nero reserves the right to adjust these Terms and Conditions at any time. In doing so, the rights and claims of the client will be taken into account in an appropriate manner.
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Rights and Duties of the Landlord

  1. The lessor is only bound by the rental agreement after receipt of full payment.
  2. The landlord undertakes to return the cabin to the tenant clean and in good condition at the agreed time.
  3. The landlord is entitled to enter the cabin at any reasonable time in order to check whether the tenant respects the general conditions and house instructions. In particular for urgent maintenance or technical inspections, the landlord can always, after having informed the tenant, take the necessary actions in the cabin.
  4. The lessor is not liable for: damage or injury resulting from a stay in the shelter, on the grounds belonging to it or from the use of the facilities on its grounds; damage claims resulting from nuisance caused by third parties; information given orally or by telephone; facilities or fittings becoming inoperative or out of use as well as technical failures. All this without prejudice to mandatory legal provisions.
  5. The landlord is not liable for theft or damage of properties of the tenant.
  6. The lessor shall be entitled to dissolve the reservation without notice of default or judicial intervention being required;
    1. if the landlord has not received the full rental sum at the start of the rental period or if the tenant has not met the applicable payment terms
    2. if the tenant has not fulfilled his obligations as laid down in these conditions
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Rights and Responsibilities of the Tenant

  1. An agreement between the tenant and the lessor is concluded when the lessor has confirmed the reservation to the tenant and full payment has been made.
  2. The tenant is deemed to have accepted the rented cabin and its inventory without damage, unless on the day of arrival he reported damage or non-functioning appliances to the landlord.
  3. The tenant may not allow any third party to use the cabin or allow more people to stay in it than agreed upon during the reservation, unless with the written consent of the lessor.
  4. The tenant will only use the rented property as an accommodation or meeting room and in particular will not carry out any activities therein that are contrary to public order or public morality.
  5. The tenant will occupy the holiday home neatly and cleanly and undertakes to immediately report and - in consultation with the lessor - compensate for all damage caused to the holiday home, the furnishings, the household effects or otherwise. This also applies to the loss of any part of the rented property, the furnishings or the household effects.
  6. The tenant shall ensure that no nuisance is caused to the vulnerable nature areas. This means, among other things, that: no decorations are made or (party) tents are erected without the prior permission of the lessor; sound equipment may not be audible outside; etc. Visits during the day and in the evening may not lead to disturbance of the peace and surroundings.
  7. The tenant will ensure that the house is left tidy and 'broom clean' (dishes put away cleanly in the cupboard; furniture in their original place; floor swept clean; rubbish bag, plastic, glass and paper in appropriate sorting bins). The tenant will be notified within one week of any failure to do so. The actual extra costs for cleaning up and the administration costs will then be charged, with a minimum amount of € 50.
  8. Tenant takes good care of the materials in and around the cabin. If the lessee causes damage to the cabin, the immediate surroundings and/or accessories in or around the house, the lessee will inform the lessor without delay within the week of departure. Depending on the seriousness and type of damage, the landlord will or will not draw up a damage file within 2 weeks after receipt and send a proposal to the tenant for the compensation of the actual damage suffered. For each damage file, the lessor will charge an administrative fee of € 50 on top of the actual repair or replacement costs, which will be communicated transparently and clearly to the lessee. (Deliberate) failure to report damage can have the necessary civil and criminal consequences for the tenant. Damage files will be settled directly between tenant and landlord by mutual agreement or passed on to professional insurance agencies for further settlement.
  9. Tenant is not allowed to bring pets into the shelter.
  10. The tenant is not allowed to drive his motorbike or car on the grounds which are closed to motorized traffic or private roads, if these are included in the route description to and from the shelter or other roads leading to the shelter. Parking is only permitted in the places indicated by the lessor. For the rest, the indicated prohibitions and commandments apply. The lessor charges an administrative fee of € 50 for each violation, in addition to the actual repair costs of the premises, if applicable, which will be communicated transparently and clearly to the lessee.
  11. The tenant ensures that the house rules, which are visibly displayed in the shelter, are observed.
  12. The tenant is responsible for the fulfilment of all obligations arising from the reservation and the stay, both of the tenant, other guests and any visitors. The tenant is responsible for any damage or nuisance caused.
  13. Tenant can enter the shelter on the arrival date from 6 PM and will have to leave the house on the departure date before 10 AM. If departure takes place at a later time, the tenant must inform the landlord well in advance and possibly pay an additional rental fee for 'late check out / early check in'.
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If you have a question and/or remark during your stay, please contact Il Nido Nero by telephone on 00 32 (0)476 40 97 50 or other numbers given by the landlord and If there is no answer, please leave a message on voicemail. Landlord will try to answer as soon as possible and where possible to provide an appropriate solution. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by Il Nido Nero you can send your questions and/or remarks up to 14 days after your departure from the shelter in writing to Il Nido Nero, Vocabolo Case Ciottole 40/B, Fraz. Cecanibbi, 06059 Todi (Perugia) Italia.

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Terms of Payment en cancellation

  1. Payment is made immediately upon reservation of the shelter. If the landlord has not received payment in the specified bank account by the invoice due date of 10 days after sending, the landlord may unilaterally cancel the reservation.
  2. If the tenant wishes to cancel the reservation after payment, the tenant will use his own personal cancellation insurance to recover the amount. In the event of a cancellation, the lessor will be informed as soon as possible. The lessor will attempt to find an alternative date for the tenant upon the tenant's request. See Article 6 for conditions of change.
  3. If payment is not made in accordance with the above, the lessor may deny the tenant use of the shelter.
  4. The tenant cannot exercise a right of withdrawal once he/she has made a payment for the reservation of a specific date or ordered a voucher for accommodation with a fixed expiry date or exercise date. 
  5. Purchased vouchers automatically expire 1 year after the purchase date. Vouchers can be renewed if the lucky recipient or purchaser of the voucher contacts Il Nido Nero within 1 year or at the latest on the last day of the month of the expiry date by mail or via the website. The supplement for an extension of the voucher in this case amounts to EUR 40 for a maximum extension of 6 months. The surcharge for an extension of up to 12 months amounts to EUR 75.
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  1. If the tenant wishes to add to an existing reservation or to extend the length of stay, the landlord will not charge a change fee for this if availability permits. However, the landlord must be informed of this at least 48 hours before arrival and the payment for additional services must be made before the start of the rental period.
  2. If the tenant wishes to change the shelter or the period of an existing booking for any reason, the landlord will charge a change fee. A change is only possible if the landlord can make an appropriate offer, taking into account their availability calendar.

These change fees are
- In case of changes more than 14 days before the arrival date: 1 x additional administration fee of EUR 40;
- In the event of a change within 14 days of the arrival date: 50% of the initially agreed rental price;


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Cancellation Policy

  1. If the tenant for any reason whatsoever cancels a rental agreement that has been entered into, the landlord cannot be held responsible for a refund;
  2. The landlord advises the tenant to take out his own cancellation insurance if the cancellation takes place as a result of a number of established uncertain events. (see conditions cancellation insurance tenant)
  3. If landlord has to cancel the stay due to force majeure (unforeseen event / beyond landlord's control / impossible to execute the rental agreement), the stay will be cancelled by landlord free of charge and converted into a voucher code for tenant. The lessee can convert this code into a new booking at a later time - after the end of the force majeure situation. The voucher code must be activated within 1 year after the end of the force majeure situation.
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