Don't feel like doing your shopping the day you arrive and getting up the first day with a delicious breakfast on the table? All home-made from our own vegetable garden and in cooperation with local traders and growers. Do you want to go full option, book your breakfast every day during your stay. Or do you prefer to arrange it yourself? Or do you decide during your stay if you want to have breakfast*. As you wish! 

  • 25€/breakfast per person.
  • Breakfast for children is also completely adjusted and costs €15/child until the age of 6.                                                                   * min. 2 days in advance


Maybe you know Hello Fresh? Same principle but with km 0, fresh vegetables straight from my vegetable garden and local typical products, with which you can then cook your own healthy and typical local dishes. You will get the cooking instructions. What we offer is very seasonal and you can choose from a number of menus. For example, for your arrival evening very convenient. The prices will be known shortly before your arrival, depending on the menu and the number of persons. 



With our shopping service, you don't have to leave your holiday villa. You send us your shopping list before your arrival and it will be delivered to your villa (€10 delivery charge). This way, you can fully enjoy your time with us and just relax! 

Il Nido Nero