Il Nido Nero



A fresh start in Umbria

A busy life, a demanding job and some personal setbacks made us realise that we should dare to chase our dreams, not tomorrow, but today. Our dream: a new start in beautiful Umbria. During our many holidays we lost our hearts there. The hospitality of the local people, the authenticity, the pure and unspoiled nature.


Il Nido Nero

Who are we ?

Charline Oosterlinck

Charline traded in her own architect's office in Belgium for a new and 'slower' life in Umbria. From now on she will use her passion for architecture, interior design and art in the design and decoration of the villas. She also finds peace in yoga, meditation, cooking, watercolours and nature. As a future 'herbalist' she can often be found among the herbs in the vegetable garden or on a pick-your-own walk with Blu the Weimaraner. 'Slow Living' is her new way of life! She has appropriately taken the turtle as her mascot. 


Is a sweet, self-confident and tough girl. Her hobbies are horse riding, trampolining and playing football. She does not like maths, but she does like history and language. Tess speaks Dutch, French and a good bit of Italian and English. She is very curious. Her favourite food is steak and croquettes. Her best friend is her brother Jack. In Belgium, she dreamed a long time of having her own dog and chickens. When the family moved permanently to Italy, her dream came true. Then her best friend Blu, our Weimaraner came into her life and the chickens, they are for very soon. 

Kristof Ghyselinck

Entrepreneurial, bon vivant, sporty and ambitious. As an independent contractor, Kristof does not like to sit still. Even today, he is still active as a contractor and building promoter in Belgium and Italy. With his passion for Italian old-timers, Umbria and sports, he organises 'Active Living' activities tailored to the needs of his guests. Whenever he has time, he can be found on his e-bike along Umbrian fields or on Flemish cobblestones. He is 'the hare' in the story of Il Nido Nero and always looking for new challenges!  



Our teddy bear, or il 'Palliaccio' (little clown in Italian). His Italian teacher appropriately calls him a 'Birichino' or rascal. Jack loves the many playgrounds in Italy and playing outside. He likes to collect branches and stones and to build his own camps. He also likes to help Mummy in the vegetable garden. He is obsessed with how things are put together and likes to help dad with the work. He is very manual: gates, locks, keys, doors... That's his thing. And he would eat pasta or pizza every day!


Did you know ...

All photos on our website are authentic self made photos, which we have collected over the years ... we hope this will trigger you to come and visit Il Colle Verde or Pomonte ...